" Welcome to Autowells’ website. I am Kwak geon-ho, CEO of Autowells. "

Under the management philosophy of “making people as the top priority before our profits,” Autowells Co., Ltd. never gives up and keeps going on with the aim of reaching our goals someday, even if this process looks beyond belief. Based on a spirit of “The foolish old man removes the mountains,” we provide AI-based human-centered VHS to enhance driver safety and convenience through real-time interaction between driver and vehicle. Furthermore, we try to contribute to not only securing global innovative technology by integrating automobiles, the traditional major industry in Gwangju, with artificial intelligence (AI), but also promoting an AI industrial ecosystem.

Even though we might not exceed your expectations, we strongly believe that if you come along with us you will have new dreams and challenges. We would like you to give us your full support and encouragement. Thank you!

Kwak geon-ho, CEO, Autowells Co., Ltd.


| July 1996 ~ September 2009 | CJ Cheiljedang Corp. (Developed and introduced a new enterprise-wide system)

| April 2010 ~ February 2012 | Committee member of the Korea Association of Smart Homes (Discovered interspecific convergent business)

| October 2010 ~ April 2011 | Korean Broadcasting Engineers & Technicians Association (KOBETA) [a1] (Supported broadcasting engineers)

| May 2014 ~ December 2019 | Worked as director in Company’s research institute of Shinsung Tech, the primary partner with Hyundai MOBIS

| October 2015 | Received the Contribution Award for the Promotion of Hidden Champion from Gwangju Metropolitan City

| March 2017 ~ December 2017 | Served as guest lecturer from Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation of Chosun Nursing College (“Understanding intellectual property rights”)

| March 2017 ~ November 2018 | Served as guest lecturer Leading College Promotion Program (LINC+) of Chosun College of Science & Technology

| April 2018 | Received the Gold Medal for the 46th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva in Swiss

| April 2019 | Received the Presidential Award for the Science and Technology Promotion at the 29th Science Day Ceremony

| November 2019 | Served as reviewing committee in the 2019 National University Creative Invention Contest from the Korea Invention Promotion Association

| June 2020 ~ | Designated CEO, Autowells