This system uses biosensors on automotive steering wheels to measure a driver’s heart rate, temperature, and blood pressure in real time for data storage, and to connect such health conditions to a healthcare app and external server. If there is any drastic change in body, the system in advance issues not only an alert for a driver, but also alarm push notifications on a smartphone for other guardians to prevent accidents. If a healthcare server includes information on hospital visits (reservations), the system serves as a control that enables a navigation device to display a route that indicates such a hospital. The smart mobility service is integrated with information technology (IT), including vehicle, IoT and sensors.

In-vehicle (steering wheel)
nonintrusive bio-signal measurement system

uses a sensor that is connected to conductive fiber of steering wheel leather to measure biometric data,
including driver’s temperature and pulse, and to provide not only driver’s health information through WEB (AVN),
but also APP (mobile) and server-client remote controlling monitor.
The information on the driver’s state is collected by a signal, and such information is transmitted to an external client,
such as WEB (AVN) and APP (mobile), through intermediate server in real time, and is shared for driver /for hospital purposes.